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The ten most liveable cities in the world

In an annual survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, four Australian cities are listed in the top ten of the most liveable cities in the world. Living conditions in these cities were analysed according to several factors like political stability, environment, health care, culture, education, and infrastructure. In this beauty contest for cities of some sort, Vancouver emerged as the world’s most liveable city in 2011. If you are looking to find a perfect place to live at Odusee then it would make sense to choose the world’s most liveable city.


On a side note, the age-old rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne has spilled over the race to become Australia’s most liveable city. There are two other Australian cities that also made the cut. Though some have questioned the way the most livable cities in 2011 were selected, Economist editor Jon Copesake said that mid-sized cities in developed countries (like the United States, Canada, and Australia) with low population densities would score well. Here are the top 10 cities in the list:

1. Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) – 98.0


The 2010 Winter Olympics host grabbed the gold medal for an unprecedented fifth straight time by beating other cities as the world’s most liveable city. Despite having murder rate higher than the national average, the hosting of the Olympics may have provided the big boost in the city’s infrastructure and tourism thereby helping Vancouver retain the title.

2. Melbourne, Victoria (Australia) – 97.5


Melbourne, the most liveable city in Australia for the second straight year, has edged out rival Sydney for the top spot. From politics to sports, both cities have vied for Australia’s best but the city still managed to cling into its Marvellous Melbourne heritage by becoming one of the “best” cities in the world.

3. Vienna (Austria) – 97.4


Vienna is the top European city to be included in the list because of its old-world charm and sophistication. If you take a walk into the city’s fairy tale streets and buildings, not to mention the unforgettable sights and sounds, then you will know why Vienna is one good place to live.

4. Toronto, Ontario (Canada) – 97.2


Being one of the most ethnically diverse urban centres in the world, Toronto has emerged as one of the favourite places to live. Unlike their American counterparts, Canadian cities like Toronto have vibrant downtown communities that encourage people to live peacefully.

5. Calgary, Alberta (Canada) – 96.6


Calgary may not a typical large North American metropolitan city but it is the most favoured tourist destination for people who are into winter sports and ecotourism. With a number of major mountain resorts in the city and suburbs, it is not surprising that it can compete with the most livable city in the world.

6. Helsinki (Finland) – 96.2


The picturesque city of Helsinki made it to the top ten most liveable cities in 2011 because of its friendly and hardworking people that made it an interesting place to live. It is a modern city that pride itself for its rich cultural heritage.

7. Sydney, New South Wales (Australia) – 96.1


Despite being Australia’s largest city, Sydney has fallen behind Melbourne in the rankings. Unfortunately, the city’s growth was hampered by the policies of the New South Wales government such as the restrictions imposed on land release for housing.

8. Perth, Western Australia (Australia) – 95.9


Being the most populous city in the western end of Australia, Perth has emerged as a surprising entry in the list. It is the country’s fastest growing city brought about its growing tourism sector and music and performance arts scene.

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9. Adelaide, South Australia (Australia) – 95.9


Adelaide is a new entry in the list because of its notable festivals and sporting events. Famous for its food and wine, the city remains one of the most liveable cities in the region according to the Property Council of Australia in 2011. Aside from being home to numerous educational institutions and research centres, it is also has leading defence industry complexes.

10. Auckland (New Zealand) – 95.7


Rounding out the top ten of the Economist most liveable cities is Auckland. New Zealand’s capital has been a favourable destination for people who live the peace and serenity of the countryside and the wild and breathtaking outdoor attractions of nature.


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