Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things You Didn’t Know About Microsoft

It really seems impossible that any one of you might not know about the Microsoft, but here are some facts you didn’t know about this company.

1. It is impossible to create a folder with the name “Con” or “con” on Microsoft operating systems and in case, you attempt to make one with the name C-o-n, you’ll get an error message saying that the drive name is invalid. The more unusual is the sound it makes when you attempt to create such a folder. Why would any name be invalid?

2. Secondly, when “=rand(200,99)” without quotations is entered or typed into Microsoft Word, something equivalent to (I must say) electronic sneeze occurs. If that line mentioned above is entered and then hit the ‘Enter’ key, the document is instantly filled with over four hundred thousand words. Another interesting fact is that when you scroll down the page, the setting has changed, so that you never scroll past a page break Have you observed it before?

3. Bill Gates, the founder and cornerstone of Microsoft officially left the company. Although, it was Bill Gates, who alongside Paul Allen started the company from the ground up. It was many of Bill Gates’ ideas that pushed Microsoft to be the top software company in the World. Now as Bill Gates left Microsoft, so let us all hope for their sake that some of his genius has worn off on the employees of the company.

4. Google challenges the supremacy of Microsoft by offering FREE software on the web some way behind. Now that Google has entered the competition with their free software and much more, now it seems increasingly difficult for Microsoft to keep its hold on its place in the heats and more importantly, the computers of their loyal customers, as now that Google offers for FREE its products as compared to the fairly expensive products offered by Microsoft. Now its time for a need of Bill Gates and his expertise to tackle the situation and proceed further.

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