Monday, May 2, 2011

Funny Realistitic Statement

Funny Realistitic Statement

Teeth said to Tongue "If I just press you little hard, you will get cut.Tongue replied: "If I misuse one word against someone, then all the 32 ofyou will come out at once"-------

Students are more genius than teachers.... ...Because teachers complete their syllabus in 1 yr & student in just 1 day-------

Boy: Boys are always more intelligent than girlsGirl: Any proof?Boy: We always say intelliGENT, have u ever heard telling intelliLADY. .??;-)-------

Every person is a FREEDOM FIGHTER..... ...Immediately after Marriage!!------

-A great love story..Hero loves heroine,but heroine loves villain,but villain loves hero's sister,But hero's sister loves heroine brotherbut heroine brother loves villain sisterbut villain sister loves hero's brother.-------

An old man's T Shirt Quote"I am not 60... I am 16 with 44 years of EXPERIENCE"Think Different, Problems common to all but Attitude makes difference

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